• Our Home Base

    Scotts Cobble Mountain

Welcome to Our Backyard

Experience Outdoors is located on Scotts Cobble Mountain, the site of the oldest ski hill in Lake Placid.  The mountain, open to the public between 1938 and 1973, is the home of many locals’ early skiing memories.  Since its purchase in early 2017, we have incorporated Scotts Cobble’s beautiful terrain into our zip-line, rock climbing, and mountain biking services.

About Us

The adventure-based challenge course industry grew out of a desire to implement a wilderness type experience into a fixed setting, as opposed to the expedition setting. These courses are eco-friendly tourist attractions that leave participants with an outdoor experience like no other. Our activities take place in the heart of the Adirondack Park — Lake Placid, New York.

Capturing the essence of the Adirondack Park is one of Experience Outdoors’ primary goals, second only to the safety of our guests. By building our adventure course in Lake Placid, our guests will enjoy an unprecedented look at the very park that draws nearly ten million visitors annually. Visitors come to the Adirondack Park to spend quality time with loved ones without the distractions of civilization and to enjoy over six million acres of unbridled beauty. The bonds between our guests and nature will grow as fast as their bonds with each other. We at Experience Outdoors aim to both thrill and enlighten our guests. Throughout our zip-line canopy tour, we create a well-rounded overview of this beautiful park we know and love.

How It All Started

People visiting the area always would ask – “what else can we do for fun around here?” – the answer for us was easy, “well, anything you want; boating, hiking, fishing, rafting, skiing – ya know, the usual.” But this was not what visitors were looking for. They were looking for something more, something fun, something different, that everyone in the family could enjoy, talk about after, and remember for years to come.

Over many months of brainstorming ideas to create that “something more,” the adventure course came alive. Ideas began on a napkin with scribbles all over it about different ways to design and develop a course. Through elaborate research and many days on the computer, it was taking shape.  Soon the business plan became complete, land and funding became secured, and well – now here we are.

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