• Team Building


We understand that no team is perfect — but we’re here to help.

Experiential Learning is the process of learning through experience and is more specifically defined as “learning through reflection on doing.” These are hands-on activities, where participants must apply their knowledge and conceptual understanding to real world problems or situations, where the instructor directs and facilitates the entire process.

The use of Low Ropes Course Elements enable participants to grow at both the team and individual levels by exploring leadership, communication concepts, problem-solving, and coaching.

These elements focus on team collaboration; the challenges call upon every member of the team to participate, and they present unending opportunities for self-discovery and team growth. All ages and ability levels will be able to participate.

Each group will have predetermined, underlying objectives and goals. This creates a focus for the program and a deliberate set of expected outcomes. These outcomes will be set forth by the group or individuals sponsoring the group and injected by the facilitators leading the group through the low obstacle course. These exercises do not require any gear or harness’s, just regular workout attire.

We offer 2hr, half day and full day programs that are designed specifically for your group. We generally suggest that your minimum group size is at least 4 team members and can accommodate up to any size group. Give us a call today for more information!

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