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Bill Walton

Bill — or Wheels is an adventure-loving, animal spirited outdoors-man who grew up in Syracuse, NY. Bill was a lacrosse player for RIT and since moving to the Adirondacks has been a guide in the outdoor world. Prior work experience with the Olympic Regional Development Authority and Adirondack Rafting Company has taught Bill many interesting facts about the land we play in.

Wheels is a NYS Licensed Guide for All Outdoor Activities and spends most of his free time fishing or chasing whitewater He has been known to jam on the guitar from time to time.


Marc Doering

Marc — or Sharky is a passionate soul, with extensive love towards anything he does. Growing up in Grand Rapids, MI. Sharky has a degree in Outdoor Recreation and Leadership Management and has lived in various locations all throughout the US. Marc has worked as a sea kayak guide, canopy zipline guide, high and low ropes instructor, and a canopy tour course manager.

Sharky is a lover of life and all things natural — and when given the opportunity, he’ll probably be headed somewhere to rip some new tracks on his board!


Maddie Coombs

Maddie — or Buttercup, is an artist, animal lover, and rock climber.  She studied Art and American History at McGill University in Montreal. Maddie had spent all of her summers attending and then working at summer camps until we got her working out here as our Program Director.

Buttercup is our Canadian princess. She is passionate about outdoor education, painting, and cuddling with her dogs.


Brooke Shipman

Brooke — or Peanut, is never afraid to come out of her shell when it comes to the outdoors. She is our Co-Courses Manager this Summer

She is a licensed NYS guide pursuing to become a Wilderness First Responder. She has been mining and spelunking throughout the US and would love to talk to you about her rock collection. Her previous job was a tour guide at Mission Trails Park in San Diego for active fault lines in the area. She is a woman of many talents and a friend to all. Peanut has been here from the start and will welcome you like family!


Sarah Coombs

Sarah — or Peep is our rock climbing guide extraordinaire. In the off-season, she studies Anthropology, Environmental and Indigenous Studies. She is our Co-Courses Manager this summer! She is Mountain Rescue trained and safety is her top priority.

Peep loves her three dogs and the zip-line between the Ebeneezer to Luna platforms (if you don’t know what that means then you will have to check it out).


Kiana Roach

Kiana — or Kooks is happy being in the trees and loves to share her appreciation for the Adirondacks with our customers. She is one of our Office Managers this summer. She grew up in Long Island and even though she left her heart with the ocean she moved to the Adirondacks. Kooks loves to rock climb, cook yummy food, and make music with her friends. She studied Cultural Anthropology at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Kooks is the perfect guide if you are feeling nervous about your zip-line tour!


Jenelle Gefaller

Jenelle — or Nelly is a smiling machine who grew up in Buffalo, NY. She Knows her way around all of our ropes, to say the least.  Nelly spends the off-season studying Marketing at SUNY Platsburgh and building the terrain parks at Whiteface Mountain.

Nelly spends her free time making jewelry for her brand ADK Macrame, of which she sells right at our shop!


Fiona Durkin

Fiona — or Pike, enjoys backcountry skiing, making music, and climbing. Fiona studied Expeditionary Studies at SUNY Plattsburgh and loves guiding specialty tours and hikes. In her free time you can find her roller skating and playing with her puppy Kai!


Claire Doering

Claire — or Legs is a beautiful soul and the Queen of our base. She is from Syracuse, NY and attended the same high school as Wheels. Aside from that, she is now a full member of our family as she and Sharky are married!

Legs spends her free time hanging with her beautiful dog Carl, who keeps her very busy.


Bobby Donahue

Bobby — or Rocky is our resident EMT and professional rock climber. Do you want to get first-aid trained? Do you want to learn the basics of rock climbing? He’s got you covered!

Rocky is a lover of life and an excellent addition to our team.


David Hyman

David — or Hopper, is a retired math teacher of thirty years and now he is one of the newest members of our team! He is a licensed hiking guide, loves going out on his boat, and working with people.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and two dogs.


Ian Urqhart

Ian — or Pippy, was born and raised here. His hobbies include; gaming, boating, hiking, climbing, and eating. He eats ideally 6 meals in a day. Hopefully with at least one made by his grandma Shirley (shown in the photo).

If you think of a nickname for this newbie, let us know on his next tour!


Carter Woodworth

Carter — or Turtle, is a man with a deep love for the outdoors.  Rumor has it that during his childhood he and his sister would go camping every day in the summer! In his free time, he enjoys skiing and snowboarding. If that wasn’t enough time out on the mountain, he is also a groomer at Sugarbush Mountain.

If you are a dog lover you definitely want to hop onto a tour with  Turtle because his dog Jib will join you out on the course!


Jack Lawrence

Jack — or Guppy, is our maintenance master! If you have a job for him, it is done before you know it! He is beyond excited to become a guide once he turns 18. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, hunting, and camping and can’t wait to share those skills with our visitors and staff.

The Professor

Tom Montanaro

Tom — or The Professor is our resident scholar and all-around all-star. He is a high school teacher and college professor. The Professor worked for us in the past, and we finally got him back for summer 2020! He spends his free time rock climbing, white water rafting, and playing tennis.

Tom is a polyglot, let us know if you ever need a zip-line tour in one of the several languages that he speaks.


Julia Rescott

Julia — or Bean is the newest addition to our team. She came on our course as a participant and loved it so much that she had to work here. She is from Auburn and studies at Mercyhurst University. Rookie spends most of her free time playing lacrosse.


Bailey Waterbury

Bailey — or Bunny, is the Head Women’s Soccer Coach and the Aquatic Director at Paul Smith’s College.  She is the mother of 12 animals including two German Shepherds and ten chickens. Her hobbies include running, yoga, and stand-up paddleboarding.

Bunz is a bubbly personality that you will be happy to encounter in our office.


Caleb Hibit

Caleb — or Buck, absolutely loves coming to work every day because he enjoys meeting our amazing guests and working in the Adirondacks. Buck is currently pursuing a criminal justice degree at SUNY Plattsburgh and works in the Whiteface terrain parks in the winter.

If you love Star Wars, request Buck as your guide because he is constantly making references!


Domo Montanaro

Domo — or Tito, has a degree in Hospitality Management and a minor in Business. He enjoys doing outdoor activities like soccer, disc golf, fishing, hiking, and shenanigans. On the ugly days, he is a gamer who also enjoys cooking and drawing/painting.

He is a former raft guide and pizza cook. He hopes to one day to have his own restaurant or at least manage a kitchen somewhere out west.


Morin Bissonette

Morin — or Cheeky, is BFA Ceramics and Sculpture major at SUNY Plattsburgh and loves anything to do with art. She is always trying to get herself in a body of water to go swimming or playing with any puppies that come her way.  Ask her what rocks she has on her because her pockets are always full of them.


Léa Collins

Léa — or Frenchie, is originally from Wisconsin, she is also a French citizen. She is a mom of 2 beautiful girls, Amélia and Zoé. When she is not working she loves to snowboard, horseback ride, and travel. She is also a huge green bay packer fan and love going to Lambeau Field to watch games.


Lilly Beeman

Lilly — or Jumanji, is currently studying Recreation, Adventure Education, and Leisure Management at Paul Smith’s College. She enjoys swimming, skiing, camping, and skateboarding.  She got her WFA certification this March and plans on getting her WFR soon.

Mighty Mouse

Jojo Rosenbluth

Jojo — or Mighty Mouse, is an avid skier and mountain biker, and also dabbles in rock climbing in her free time. In the off-season, she studies Optical Engineering at University of Rochester. Jojo became a 46er when she was 16 and would love to give hiking recommendations. She is very excited to start her first season at Experience Outdoors!


Caper Loomis

Caper — or ‘Nado, short for Tornado grew up on the coast of Maine. She is a freestyle skiing coach. She enjoys spending as much time outside as possible. In the off-season she is going to SUNY Plattsburgh for EXP. In the summer she spends her time rock climbing, playing frisbee, trail running, painting, sailing… etc.

Her favorite part of working here is being outside all day for my job as well as meeting people from all over on the tours and getting a chance to talk to them and hear their stories.


Jacob Grimm

Jacob — or Chipper, is an avid hunter and rock climber. At the end of the day you’ll find him sitting by the bon fire. In the off-season, he studies Outdoor Recreation and Therapy at Paul Smith’s College. He is very excited to start his first season at Experience Outdoors!

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