• Where’d you catch that fish?

    …well, we caught it in the mouth

The Seasons

All Species of Trout

April 1st through October 15th

Daily limit for Lake Trout is 3 with a minimum length of 21″ – Daily limit for all others is 5 with no minimum length

Bass (Small & Large)

3rd Saturday in June through November 30th

Daily limit is 5 with a minimum of 12″

Northern Pike

1st Saturday in May through March 15th

Daily limit is 5 at a minimum of 18″

Landlocked & Atlantic Salmon

April 1st through October 15th

Daily limit is 3 with a minimum of 15″


Pricing is set for 1 or 2 people. Each additional cost per person is dependent on how we fish.

Half Day Trips:

Shoreline Fishing – $150 (Fly Fishing Only)

Paddleboat, Canoe or Kayak Fishing – $225

Powerboat Fishing – $350 (up to 3 people)

Full Day Trips:

Shoreline Fishing – $250

Paddleboat, Canoe or Kayak Fishing – $350

Powerboat Fishing – $475

If you don’t have equipment, no problem – we can rent you whatever you’ll need!

What Fishing Means to us.

People that don’t fish believe that fishing is boring…or…lazy… But it is the complete opposite. In fact, there are hundreds of little decisions to be made; there are so many variables to be considered, and you’re never quite sure…What made the difference? Did I cast too high; too far to the left; did I reel in too slow, or too fast; is the lure too shiny, or too dull; do I stay here, or do I go over there?

I’ll give it five more minutes here and then, try over by that tree… I had better luck there yesterday.

This is why we love fishing, because anything is possible out there, even in failure. We don’t expect anything. And we know that if we go right out there…around that tree, something will be different, something might be different. Something we do might make a difference. That moment a fish hits your line, you feel accomplished, you did it, you made it happen.

This is why we fish.

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